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Fix and Flip Funding Agency for Miami, FL

Many people enjoy older homes, both to live in and to renovate them for resale. This is also a great way for you to make some money while doing something you love. However, even the most rundown of houses still cost a lot of money that many people do not have in cash. If you have found a home that you want to purchase and fix up to resell, you need a fix and flip loan agency to help.


At Countrywide Funding, we want to help you get the money you need to work on your dream project in Miami, FL. We can help you get a short-term loan while you fix and flip the house. Read on to learn more about our fix and flip loans.

Quick and Convenient

At Countrywide Funding, we make the application process easy for you so that you can have the funds quickly to compete with other buyers for the property you want to flip. We also work with you on payments by offering interest-only payment options.


We offer one-year and two-year loan options depending on how long you expect your project to take. This way you don’t have to refinance your loan halfway through your project. Even if you do need to extend your loan timeline, Countrywide Funding will work with you.


While you may assume that you need a loan to help you purchase the property you want to flip, don’t forget about the renovation costs. You may need to invest a significant amount of money into the property to get it up to quality to resell. You can factor this investment into your fix and flip loan.

For more information, contact a fix and flip funding agency like Countrywide Funding for help with your Miami, FL, house flip. Give us a call at (+1) 786-622-1391 or (+1) 786-657-5422.